Waterproofing of New and Existing Buildings

Waterproofing Services are offered for new and existing buildings. All specialist skills required to ensure watertight and quality workmanship is supplied by our highly trained permanent staff.

Premium Waterproofing Material Used

We use premium products that are thoroughly tested and certified by the relevant agencies. These include Bituminous, Polyurethane, Acrylic, Epoxy and their hybrids. A quality finish can only be achieved with the best materials on the market. 

Waterproofing Maintenance and Painting

Inspections are performed to identify the cause of leaks with solutions designed for specific problems. 

 Fire Protection & Insulation and Floor Coverings

Fire Protection

Certified Fire stops installed in all buildings include soft and hard pipe penetrations, steel work protection, cavities and cables protection


Climate control and noise reduction materials are installed on an increasing basis to meet changing regulations in new and existing structures. These can be installed externally or internally as required.

Floor Covering

High quality epoxy, polyurethane and hybrid paints are used to create high wearing aesthetically pleasing floors for hospitals, warehouses, workshops and maintenance areas.


Construction Jointing

Our company installs all types of construction and movement joints from high rise buildings and freezer rooms to hospitals and highways.

Maintainance of Jointing

Damage to exposure, mechanical interference or wear and tear can all be successfully rehabilitated to give a sound secure seal.


Mechanical Expansion Joints

This includes high load joints used in loading bays and carparks are designed for the load as specified.